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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Went to Attica last night. That place does not have free flow for ladies on wednesday, so I didn't get pissed drunk like I planned. I met some people from the forums there. It was kinda boring initially, till about 12 or so, when I was too drunk to notice anything else. There was an Italian guy who looked as stuck up as he was cute. Perhaps he was just bored, lets give him the benefit of doubt.

One of the girls from the forums was a horny chick from Canada. She could really move! Later when we were out of the place, she was all "I need to fuck" blah blah. She reminded me of Yore, only more of an attention - whore.

Later at night before I got home, I messages the surrogate BF to ask him when the hell we are going to do it. He thought I had gone mad and called me up (at 1am). I told him I was just drunk and rambling. He was very curious to know who I was with. I'm going to give the prefuntory "Just a friend, you wouldn't know him/her" answer to everyone now, whenever I go out with ppl from the forums.

This evening the lab bitch came to talk about some project we are collaborating on. She apologized for "not helping" earlier. WTF, she thinks that one can be as rude as one wants to, as long as there's an apology later?! Apparently she wanted to ask me out for coffee, to make amends. I told her I was too busy, and that it was ok, I can understand her being busy. Though what I can't understand are her complete lack of people-skills. I didn't tell her that of course, I'm only here for a while more anyway (hopefully).

I went to the SPG blog today. It's interesting....she uses a lot of big words for a 19yo (sounds like a General Paper), but she can't tell the basic difference between you're/your and they're/their. Irked me no end. That gave me a headache, so I gave up on it after a while. She is one messed up kid. Nice photos though - if I were slim (not necessarily her figure, cuz she has NO boobs whatsoever), I'd like to get hold of her phtographer.


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