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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hola cyberworld!! My second blogpost!

I forgot the adress of the first blog that I created. Which only had one entry, something along the lines of "yay, my first blogpost!", so not much lost there.

I met up with Suds for dinner and drinks yesterday. He lost his credit card the previous weekend at a club in Boat quay, and some dude billed him for 200 bucks on it. He had to go and get it cancelled. Later Sands and one of their colleagues joined us, and we ended up at this godwaful bar/ karaoke joint because that was the only place in 10 miles of BQ which had an empty pool table.

This was my first time at a karaoke joint, and I nearly had an embolism in there. . There was a group of 4 or 6 people singing in there, and the first couple of hours it was one chinese song after another. Which was OK, cuz I can't tell apart a good and bad song if it's in another language.

Then one of the guys decided to go for Summer of 69. Yes, the Bryan Adams number. God help me, I can tell apart a good BA number and noise. This person's version was replete with facial expressions et al. When the initial assault was over, he decided to go in for Maroon 5's This Love, followed Careless Whispers.

All this from a guy who pronounced "best days of my life" as "bast days of my rife". I kid you not.

The highlight of the perfomance was some song called "Judy's lips". It could very well be a Sinatra number, but I can't be bothered to check. I was torn between deciding which was worse - the karaoke singer or the video playing with the lyrics. There was an oriental couple (couldn't make out what kind) and this was shot in London I think. The clothes were classic 80's. Giant poofy skirt and white sneakers with white socks for the girl, some weird looking blazer for the guy. There was a line in the song that went something like "I like the little twist in Judy's walk". And at this very line, the girl goes jumping like a crazed jackrabbit, and then resumes walking like usual.

Oh man.... I'm not going to forget this night any time soon.....


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